GONE…Disappeared…Unrecoverable…How?…Why?… And as I sit here trying to retype that same post, to try to rewrite the words that so quickly dissipated off the screen, I am at a loss of words. Should I just wait to try to rewrite it? Maybe write something different and come back to that topic at a later time?

I am distraught about the fact that I wrote a pretty good post about discrimination last night and when I went to save the draft on WordPress, an error message came up and all my writing was gone. It was such a great post about discrimination and what I had experienced in Birmingham, Alabama several years ago. I had eloquently written at how wonderful the history is there and how my mom and I travel together and spend time with one another. It was so relevant to what is going on today and I thought, what better time to write about this experience than now?

As a mom, time is limited on when I can write. I stayed up late to finish the post knowing my son would wake up early the next morning and I would have to get up with him. You moms know what I’m talking about. We stay up late for some ME time. Just a little quiet time for ourselves while everyone is asleep. And it was nice…until my draft was gone. I frantically searched for it! I tried everything to recover it. It was all useless. It was no longer in existence.

I tried not to worry about it last night as I lay in bed. I tried not to spend too much time desperately searching AGAIN this morning since I was helping my son with school. I knew it would just frustrate me even more and frustrate him for me not giving him the attention he deserves and needs.

I know it is just words. Just a few hours wasted. But it was a hard thing to write about. It was personal to me and brought back some tough memories. I know deep down there is a reason it is gone and I understand that I can rewrite it and maybe it will turn out better than the first one. But it doesn’t take away my disappointment. I’ve also learned a valuable lesson about writing and blogging. As the day continues I will try not to dwell on the lost post and maybe pick back up tonight with something fresh. I’m only able to write this little bit because it is “quiet time” in my house and Mr. B is napping for the moment. However I have other things I need to be doing around the house.

Just another story from a homewife moment. We are homegrown chaos and life lessons for sure!