My BFF Came To Town!

I don’t know about you but I when I get a text or phone call from my best friend, I get all excited. We are apart more than we are together these days so to hear from her means the world to me. So needless to say that I was super excited to get the text…”I’ll be in [town] 7 aug.” YAY!! My best friend from high school, as in my best good friend, someone who can never be replaced, who introduced me to my husband, my matron of honor at my wedding, who joined the Air Force a couple of years after graduation, but someone (the only one besides my husband) I could tell ANYTHING to, was coming to town for the first time in a looooooong time. I was super-duper excited! I mean, we graduated high school 18 years ago and she doesn’t visit often. The last time I had seen her it just so happened her and her family moved back to the states while I was visiting the town they were moving to…the very week they moved there and that was about 4 years ago. So I  am sure you can relate to how excited I was to get that text! August 7th couldn’t get here quick enough.

My BFF and me!


Unfortunately, the day Cyndi arrived we didn’t get together only because I knew her parents wanted to spend some time with her and her family. But the next day we met for lunch as two families. It was as if we had never been apart. I wasn’t expecting to have such an emotional feeling when we hugged at first but I guess I was so overjoyed of just seeing her and knowing how much I had missed her. We sat for several hours talking about our families and our past. It was just so cool. We picked up right where we left off. You know what I mean? It was as if we were never apart. And I know this sounds terrible but neither one of us are good at keeping in touch so we had a LOT to talk about. Finally getting together in person was like being right back in high school where we were so comfortable with each other just hanging out.

Cyndi and her husband have 4 kids: a boy in the military (military family), a boy in high school, a 10-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy. That night we all hung out together. I could’ve stayed all night talking and reminiscing. Our kids got along perfectly and we all had a great time together. How wonderful it was to sit and talk and watch our kids get along so well. I SO wish we all lived closer together. Our families just meshed so well. With her only having a few days here we decided the next day we would have a girls day at the mall while the boys spent a boys day doing whatever boys do on a boys day. They also enjoyed the biggest banana split you have ever seen!

The boys enjoying the biggest banana split ever!



Her daughter…my “neice”. We had such a great connection!

On her last day they came to our house for a few hours. Just hanging out together is super awesome. It was sad knowing she was leaving the next morning but we made the best of our time together. Nothing fancy, no hoopla. Just sitting on the car port talking about life. I will surely miss her and her family but they didn’t leave without us planning to get together again however it can’t be soon enough.



The 3 of us having a great time together…you know…taking selfies!

Since her visit, I have thought a lot about her and why we make getting together and contacting each other so difficult. I know we all get busy. Life gets going into overload and overtime and we can miss that comfortable feeling. The simple life sitting on the porch or on the couch just talking about life. I know I should do better at calling my friend. Or just send a thoughtful text occasionally.


Do you have that best friend from high school or college? That one person, that no matter how long you haven’t spoken to each other or texted, you can come together years later and be as comfortable today as you were 18 years ago? I am so blessed to say I do and I encourage you today to send them a text, mail them a letter or even call them just to tell them you miss them. Take some time to catch up on life.

I’d love to hear your best friend stories. Do y’all still get together? Do your families get along?

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  1. I miss Shannon justice. We were inseparable as lil kids in school. I love havi g a chance to catch up when we can

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